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FAMEME’s life has been one of transformation: from a child durian farmer, to a fashion thought leader and influencer.


He recognizes that with such great influence comes great responsibility. This responsibility—this knowledge that he has the ability to change lives—has weighed heavily upon his conscience. 

In 2019, FAMEME opened the United States’ first Museum of Durian, bridging a cultural and culinary gap between east and west, and honoring the years spent on his family’s farm helping to grow and harvest this sacred fruit.

Now, he has much bigger plans.

錨點 1

Times Square Reveal 

In 2019, FAMEME brought his signature smile to the billboards of Times Square. By releasing a Kpop-style song called “Don’t Google Me, Just Follow Me,” and shooting the music video in front of billboards, FAMEME announced to the world: “Hello! FAMEME is coming, with his baby durian!”


MST Product Briefing 

In 2020, FAMEME presents his strategy of extracting a nutrient in durians called Misohthornii, and describes how his company has applied for a patent and how by 2023 he plans to introduce MST, a custom-made, contemporary elixir of life.


Nuit Blanche Taipei

In 2020 Nuit Blanche Taipei, FAMEME builds his first public art “Kororian,” a 6 m high inflatable durian, as a monument to remark the covid pandemic. 


Taiwan LGBT Pride

In 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride, FAMEME collaborates with Tinder Taiwan to present "The Temple of Love" to celebrate the equality of love.

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