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FAMEME (pron. Fah-mee-mee)
Derived from the ancient Yunnanese for "Bringer of very great fortune and health."

FAMEME's work and designs are beloved by people across the continent - from wealthy merchants to the workers in the rice paddies.


Hailing from a secluded rural province (the name of which roughly translates to "The land of the free-roaming frogs"), he comes from a long line of successful durian traders. He established a clothing label in his early 20s - all while still working in the family business, and while commuting to and from design school. After one his designs went viral on social media, his pieces start appearing in outlets all over Asia, and by his mid 20s, he had built an empire that stretched across the Far East.

FAMEME is now a fashion influencer of the highest order; a creative mind whose truly visionary view of art and design has made him sought after by some of Asia's biggest industry names. As you stroll through the high-end boutiques of Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, and Tokyo, you're almost certain to find a product that has FAMEME's creative DNA embedded in it.

While he is one of the most recognisable faces at industry parties right across Asia, he has never forgotten his roots. This is why, today, he is today introducing the fruit his family has grown for generations to a people who may never otherwise get to experience it. FAMEME's genius is in finding and turning-up-to-10 the inherent beauty, the glamour, in objects that you or I may never give a second look to.

With a fragrance on the way and celebrity chef collaborations in the works, FAMEME is looking to work with people who are more than just influencers - he's looking for people who naturally exude the essence of durian, the mysterious fruit that is adored in the East, but has yet to find a stage on which to shine in the West.

Founder of Museum of Durian, Durian Exercise Room, Durian Pharmaceutical


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